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11 October 2016

Materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, defined by the acronym MOCA, are regulated in Europe by Reg. 1935/04, which contains general provisions relating to food safety requirements and the consumer, in addition to the supply chain requirements in the area of contact with food items.

As regards the plastics are regulated in Europe by Reg. 10/2011, inside which there is a list of substances that may be used for the production of the same and the types of tests that must be conducted to determine the compliance. Regulation 10/2011 is the first binding EU legislation to introduce the concept of N.I.A.S., which stands for “Not Intentionally Added Substances”, ie substances which are not intentionally added.

The N.I.A.S. impurities in the substances used are formed during the manufacturing process or generated by reaction or decomposition, and manufacturers of plastics are required to verify the safety of their product through a risk assessment of N.I.A.S.

The N.I.A.S Infoday seminar that took place in Milan on October 11 at the Hilton Hotel in Via Galvani 12, wants to provide a comprehensive view about the topic N.I.A.S. starting from the regulatory areas, moving from risk assessment, from the investigation to the case studies, and is directed to processors of plastics in addition to printing the packaging materials for the food industry.

The seminar is organized by Manucor SpA, a leading European manufacturer of BOPP films.

The event is free, see how prominent speakers professionals in technical and scientific fields, and will be an opportunity to deepen a topic of international importance, bringing to the fore interesting novelty in the food contact materials.

We hope that the initiative is once again an additional springboard for Manucor to jump among the big players in the sector

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