Top Class Services

Category Service Type Service level Description
Time -To- Market Lead Time Standard Lead Time Stable 2-3 weeks lead time. Date order confirmation per day
Guaranteed Lead Time 2 weeks lead time guaranteed at any time. Date order confirmation per day
Speedy Service Speedy Service 5-10 Days delivery lead time
On-Time Delivery Standard 95% on time delivery to customer destination
Top Class OTD 98%+ on time delivery to customer destination
Logistics Services Stock Services Call off Stock available for call-off: 3-5 days delivery guaranteed
VMI Guaranteed minimum stock level and replenishement service: 2-3 days delivery
Shipping Standard Delivery confirmed per day and pre-booking before delivery
Special Request Pre-booking per day time slot, specific unloading instructions to carriers
Smaller Order Size Small quantity delivery available with surcharge
Other Customized Service Reporting Service Reporting of performance tracking (service, portfolio, stock and turnover)
Vertical Packaging Vertical Packaging solutions with no wooden material (pallets/flanges) and allowing logistics optimization
Small Reels Small reels at width below 500 mm supplied in 2-3 weeks lead time
Customized Solutions Customized packaging and reel diameter/length solutions allowing logistics and programming optimization

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