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Consumer health protection is at the heart of Manucor's principles

For 30 years, Manucor has been operating in the industrial-packaging sector and, particularly, in Food Packaging, a very sensitive and complex sector, in constant evolution, subject to consumer health protection laws.

Our team, with the support of world-renowned laboratories, is constantly working to follow product’s food-compliance criteria adapting to the regulations evolution. As part of this ongoing evolution, Manucor look at legislative criteria as a goal to be met and surpassed, thus offering competitive advantages to the most demanding customers.

This is a veritable “challenge to changes in focus and substance”. The one and only ultimate goal of Manucor as a whole is the “consumer’s health”.

Manucor is currently working on creating a web-based platform that will share  all technical information on films and all compliance statements just one click away; it will include a communication platform intended to update registered customers on new documents or new regulations.

We are constantly helping hundreds of customers all over the world navigate through the “jungle” of European Community and non-European laws.

We are pleased to invite you to contact us and learn about our outreach strategies on emerging issues, and to get the latest food-contact news.

The common goal is to create a sustainable activity that embraces diversity and encompasses true values while protecting shared objectives, notably the “consumer’s health”


Food Contact Team – Manucor


For further information, please contact:

Cerqua Giovanna  Arciprete Antonietta

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