New metallizer startup

12 November 2015

As anticipated mid-Feb. 2015, Manucor has succesfully started up its new PowerMet metallizer according to schedule.

This state-of-the-art metallizer is equipped with plasma treatment and a 3-meter web inspection to guarantee the highest quality possible to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements of the market.

This new technology combined with a very innovative design delivers a high output rate with minimum wastes and energy consumption.This expansion is strategically positionning Manucor into the european market with a total in-house production capacity of 15,000 Tons of premium metallized films annually.

The new Metallizer will support the growth of the new metallized high barrier films, HBWM and HWCM, multi-layer cavitated white metallized BOPP films and the market demand for faster service.

As such, Manucor continues to strenghten its product offering by introducing a new product range called S5MM (moderate barrier, sealable metallized film).

Combined with the S5G SPEEDY transparent coextruded film, Manucor guarantee an average 5 days delivery from order entry for both S5G and S5MM product ranges.

 S5G product range : 20 to 40 microns

S5MM : 20 microns first – the product range will be extended to other gauges later on.


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