Recycle & Reuse

Preserving wood and optimizing raw materials

Through integrated processes and continuous investments in equipment and research we have minimized the use of raw materials and fossil fuels, maximized regeneration of resin and its reuse and minimized wood packaging.

We have implemented an effective and determined recovery and recycling of wooden packaging materials. (pallets and flanges). Eurostat has recently calculated that in Europe the waste of wood is 15% (glass 20%, paper 40% ). At Manucor, the wood packaging materials are collected from our customers and repaired, allowing a re-use of up to 90% of recovered materials.

A continuous recovery cycle of all plastics, investments in resin regeneration installations, internal reuse of the regenerated resin at the highest levels in the field (up to 20% -30% of the raw material) and sales for external reuse of film and resin scraps have allowed to almost clear plastic materials for disposal.


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