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In collaboration with converters, we have developed and implemented vertical packaging, eliminating the use of wood and reducing logistics costs. Reels are no longer lying on wooden pallets with strapping and stretch film but are packed vertically, secured at the ends with thin disks and wrapped with protective films. A profound evolution that required teamwork and ad hoc investments.

With vertical we reduce the packaging weight of the film reels from about 40 kg to 1 kg. Elimination of pallets and wooden flanges results in less weight and overall dimensions allowing a better optimization of the truck: the number of trucks is on average reduced by 25%, thus less fuel is needed for transport and therefore less harmful emissions into the atmosphere, less packaging material and less waste remains.

We also have developed films with reduced thicknesses without compromising the preservation of food. Thinner films are equivalent to a reduction of the raw material used, higher yield, less energy usage for transport therefore emissions. But we took it a step further by developing films that significantly extend shelf life and prevent decay, thus reducing food waste.

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